Early Career Investigators (ECI) Forum

The remit of the Early Career Investigator’s Forum is to facilitate greater integration of ECIs into COST Action IS1409.


Monika Bédiová – Czech Republic

Daniel Holman – United Kingdom

Members of the ECI Forum

Patricia Carney – Ireland – Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Rita Néves – Portugal – Science Communications Officer

Maria Fleischmann – United Kingdom – Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Dinali Wijeratne – Ireland

Eva Katharina Sarter – United Kingdom

Chiara Ardito – Italy

Julie Rochut – France

Noémia Loio Marques – Portugal

Juan Manuel García González – Spain

Ilona Matysiak – Poland

Jiri Cerny – Czech Republic

Aneta Krejcova -Czech Republic

For further details about our ECI members see here


Being part of the COST Action has been a very enriching experience both professionally and personally. Networking and collaboration is indispensable to good quality science, especially in ageing research, which is thoroughly interdisciplinary by nature. What has been particularly valuable is the strong cooperative spirit of the Action.  Regardless of country, seniority or any other characteristic, members were united by a genuine desire to work together to further knowledge and ultimately action on gender inequalities in extending working lives.  Being the co-leader of the early career investigator (ECI) group was an opportunity to contribute towards this underlying aim. This has also helped me professionally as it was my first leadership role, and I have since gone on to lead an ESRC grant, and a research theme in my university department.  I am certain that the connections made by the ECIs, both with each other and with the other members, will extend well beyond the official end date of the Action

Daniel Holman

The work developed on the STSM contributed to the development of 2 chapters of my PhD thesis. It allowed me to develop technical and scientific knowledge that have been key to my professional development as a researcher.  It has enabled several collaborations for papers that are in preparation It established me within an international network of researchers and granted me opportunities of mobility that I would never would have accessed if not through this COST action  It has contributed to securing my current job, as I was able to rely on international researchers as referees for job applications.

This Action has provided me with unique opportunities in terms of expanding my knowledge as well as my international outlook as a researcher that I would never would have had if it were not for GenderEWL.

Rita Néves